Super dad!

strattera online no prescription 20140417-104818.jpgFor all those following along on my dad’s blog ( you probably know most of his trials and tribulations on this trip… But I felt like everyone should hear it from the Himalaydies (namely Haley and Erin)

Dad, we couldn’t be prouder!!! You did it!

This hike was challenging for everyone in many different ways, and for my dad this was a big lifestyle change. I talked briefly about our training hikes, but what you didn’t hear was his daily workouts- which got tricky due to his hectic travel schedule. I won’t lie, I was pretty hard on him….but he surprised me every time. Training hikes to long days on the trail here in Nepal, he remained focused always listening to the advice given and kept a steady pace and a good attitude. Unlike hale and I, he has never found endurance events ‘fun’… but I quickly found out where I get my ironman determination from: my stoic father.

The last few days have been the hardest of the trip, which probably would have defeated most. Not our dad! He dug deep and even kicked it up a notch the final day, by the time we reached Lukla today he smiled and simply said “this was my summit”. Truer words couldn’t be spoken, and I can’t wait to see what he attempts to tackle next!

Love you dad!!!!


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  1. I love you Erin. It was a very hard hike but you and Haley made it all worth it.

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