Summiting things… (Day 11) illustrate Did you know you actually can’t see Everest from base camp? Most of the postcards or shots you see are actually taken from another summit, kala pattar! This peak which comes in at 18,500 and change was another PR for the Himalaydies! Huzzah! Carole suggested we leave at 6, which was somewhat becoming the norm for us (straight up lazy vaca style). As we started our climb, it was the first time my shortness of breathe was starting to actually affect my hiking. I couldn’t tell if it was the lack of a real breakfast, but each step require some energy and Haley-esque pressure breathing. I threw on my earphones (cue the Frozen soundtrack/Robyn tunes), ate some shotbloks and before I knew it we had this view before us…Everest shielding the sun, clouds just circling the top, almost reminding you how big it was.

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betnovate ointment price zoom out That view, constantly to our right fueled me up the mountain. By the time we got up to the top I forgot how high we were and kept running back and forth trying to capture as many pictures as possible (then panting realizing I wasn’t superhuman). What a view! After a prom worthy photo shoot, we began our descent…

buy Lyrica online usa This side trip was just a distraction we were finally going to make it to base camp today!!!!

buy Clomiphene cheap online We relaxed with some bfast and waited for the climbers, my dad had gone to BC with the Trekkers this am and it felt weird not to have him on this final stretch.

The last 3 hour stretch was completely on the glacier. The rocks were somewhat unstable at points so you had to make sure to leave some space and call out for rock falls. The wind started picking up and snow began to come down, our view from this am got lost and we were looking a tiny yellow tents in the distance the entire time.

We paused at the entrance, thanked the mountain for getting us all to this point safely, and asked for a safe return once we were all done. Not going to lie, I teared up. It didn’t seem like a finish line, but it was pretty pivotal moment.








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