Sad day on Everest

order Clomiphene online I’m sure by now most of you have heard the news about the avalanche. We were actually on our descent from
base camp when our Sherpa, Kami, got the call. By the time we arrived into Lukla (the main airport in and out of the mountains) they were beginning to bring the bodies down before taking them to their families.

We were with Melissa (our guide Eric’s girlfriend) who was able to touch base and confirm all the climbers (including uncle john) are safe, and most of the guides were helping with the search effort.

I know we briefly explained where our head Sherpa Lapka Rita is from, but climbing Sherpas are a very close knit family, most of alpine ascents Sherpas are all from right around Thame. Sadly 5 of the Sherpas that died were part of our team. Truly a big loss that will have a very big impact moving forward.

They continued to look for more survivors… Keep their families in your prayers!



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