R2R2R: An overview

http://gabrielaembon.com/events/thetahealing-soulmate-course-july-2017 Objective: Hike from the South Rim (of the Grand Canyon) to the North Rim (crossing the Colorado) and back to the South Rim in 24 hours.

The signs told us otherwise….

go to site Date: May 22nd, 2016

Distance: 56 miles via GPS (still in debate…)

Formation Tour

The sQUAD: Julia Carney, Sophie Dougadir, Maura Finn, Erin Carney

The support crew: Alex Carney, Jacquelyn Wong, Chele Carney, Nicky Murry, Brandon Murry, Mikey and Betty Murry #blessed13256248_10102106987511987_6889830744172382309_n

Time: 26.5 hours

Fitbit Steps: 120k

Number of times we listened to Lemonade: 3.5

Tears: At least one.

Blisters Ballpark: 10001f681faeb9bbe23e2d618ce196f675902126c8659


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