Mt. Everest- Cliff Notes Version

When my uncle started climbing mountains years ago, I had no clue what it entailed…. and by 2012 when he was ready to attempt Everest (with my aunt and cousin Alex trekking to basecamp) I quickly realized how little I really knew about the world’s tallest mountain! Maybe you’ve caught one of the many documentaries or read a book or two and have a leg up on most, but if you are a newbie to the wide world of climbing…. Here’s a quick run down:

(Full disclosure: I started writing this last night, I somehow got sucked into 2 hours of Everest reading…don’t say I didn’t warn you)

Everest Map

Elevation: 29, 028 ft (8,838 m)(said to grow .25″ every year) Ranked 1st in the world

Mountain Range: Himalayas

Bordering Countries: Nepal and Tibet

Named after: Sir George Everest– leader of the British survey team who identified it in 1841

Other names: Chomolungma (Tibet)- Mother Goddess of the World Sagarmatha (Nepal)- Goddness of the Sky

First attempt: 1921 (from Tibet)

First successful summit: May 29, 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary (New Zealand) and Tenzing Norgay (Sherpa from Nepal)

Total Summits as of 2014: 6,871 summits total (4,042 summited one time only, 2,829 multiple times)

Deaths: 248 people (161 westerners and 87 Sherpas) from 1924-2013

Bodies: 150 bodies are still on the mountain

Success rate: 63% for expeditions, 50% for non-sherpa summits (38% from 2000-2006)

Climbing Routes: 16 total– North from Tibet and the more popular South from Nepal (we’ll be trekking to south base camp)

Days to summit: 40–It takes that long for your body to adjust to the elevation as you are climbing. Climbers typically spend time at the higher camps and do training climbs then come back down during this time.

Fastest Ascent from Base Camp: 8h10min by Pem Dorjee a Nepal Sherpa (he also got married on the summit in 2005)

Death Zone: altitudes higher than 8,000m or 26,000 ft– most climbers use supplemental oxygen at this elevation

Oxygen Saturation: Sea Level =98-99% Base Camp = 85-87% Death Zone = 60% Summit= 40%

Temperature Range: Base Camp= 0 to 8 buy Lyrica online usa °F source url  Summit = -31 to -4 enter site °F  (Winds can be up to 175mph at the summit-May is known to be less windy)

Cost: 26-90K to Summit

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