Horse for hire (day 14)

safe place to buy clomid online uk Apparently we started our descent, but you wouldn’t feel that way if you were hiking with us. I never felt like we had downhills on our trek up, but there are sure a number of climbs on the way down!!

Saying goodbyes are never easy, but I’m assuming altitude goodbyes are the hardest of all. Our guide, Michael, gave us time not only last night but post breakfast this am to hug it out and exchange the last minute numbers and email addresses with our new found friends. Suddenly we were beginning our trek out and they were gearing up for their first training day in the ice falls.

The 13 mile day seemed fairly straightforward… Get off the glacier, tea in Gorak shep, lunch in Lobuche, hike over the climbers memorial mountain, and straight up along the ridge to Dingbuche. Of course a couple of problems arose: Base camp had gotten another fresh bit of snow, so those treacherous rocks were now icy, some delayering and slow walking had separated me, Hale, and my dad from the rest of the pack , and tea/lunch breaks took a lot longer without the big group pre-fixed meal. Roughly translated, Haley, my dad, Kami (our fateful Sherpa) and I were on our own for the rest of the day. Now I joked with my dad that this was just what our long training hikes were for… And not to worry because I had lots of snacks and my headlamp packed for times such as these. He wasn’t amused. As the day dragged on you could tell even Kami was worried about how much ground we had to cover before dark, and he started mentioning the possibility of a horse. I have taken several pics of “horse for hire” signs as we were climbing, mostly due to some ND guys friends obsession with calling themselves horses. Theoretically, horses are cool, but after seeing the shape of some of these wild beasts, I didn’t know if that was going to help or hurt us.

So my dad saddles up, we walk about a half mile…. and then “Lucky” refuses to go any further. It was almost comical watching the different motivational tactics– Haley nurtured the horse, my dad pretended there were spurs on his boots, and Kami whistled… though nothing worked. An hour or so wasted, we gave up and the trainer took the horse back promising he’d bring another one. Color me skeptical.

We climbed the climbers memorial and began the steep descent, all the time us looking back praying Kami was riding some stallion back to save my dad and us from a night hike.

Just as we were crossing the river and heading back uphill towards the ridge, Lucky returned! Apparently he just had the wrong trainer with him before… I wasn’t about to argue with this Nepal man and was happy to get my dad off his feet and start speed hiking behind this beautiful creature.

An hour later we finally saw Dingbuche! We were all tired and ready to be done for the day…. but once again all my complaints and concerns were silenced by a quick view of our surroundings.

Nepal, you are beautiful. Don’t change.





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