Hiking GPS… there’s an app for that.

http://pixels-marketing.com/?author=8 Mixing technology and climbing isn’t exactly new, but just like gear… it gets better every year. Apple really did up their game in showing off exactly how practical ipads are for even the most extreme of sports.

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This ad couldn’t come at a better time. I had recently gotten us a little lost on a hike on the Appalachian Trail, and was realizing how difficult it was to google map our route in the Himalayas. It was becoming evident a tracking app would greatly help with not only training, but be an incredibly useful tool to show all you folks back home exactly what we are doing on a daily basis! I’ve used mapmyrun and several other tracking apps in my day– but two big issues always tend to come up:

  1. Battery Life
  2. Integration of your data once you’ve gotten it.

You probably don’t see me every posting my morning run or long saturday bike ride on social media (even though I know you guys are dying to know exactly what I do at every waking moment)… but hiking is a little different. After pouring myself over trail maps and sketchy old-school websites to make a plan for our hikes before we go, I’d love a way for us to look at a couple things post:

  1. Speed
  2. Distance
  3. Elevation

Simple right? Well one thing that made this a whole heck of a lot simpler was the Gaia GPS app.

This app has earned tons of awards this year, and all well deserved. I get my insatiable love of technology from my father, so all I had to do was direct him to the apple ad and he tinkered away till we were all set up and ready to hike!

We are still playing around with all the features (because it has A TON), but here’s one of our out and back hikes in Georgia.  Outside of tracking our speed (we were trying to go from 2mph to 3mph), it was great in making sure we kept on the right route…. as this trail had tons of forks and side trails.

You’ll be seeing a fair deal of the Gaia Maps in my posts as we trek!

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