2014: by the numbers.

Another year in the books, and it was unforgettable. For all my data loving friends, here’s the breakdown. 6,127,741 million steps taken (roughly 16.8k steps/8.3 miles daily) 65,290 miles flown (infinity airplane pics taken)           8, 514′ highest point – Kala Patthar, Nepal 3015. 35 total miles (walked/ran/hiked/danced). Roughly the distance from…

Safe and Sound

Just heard from our favorite adventurer, Erin. Despite the heartbreaking news out of Everest this morning, she her family are safe. I’m sure that everyone on the trip is taking a good bit of time this morning to say a prayer for the 12 people who lost their lives yesterday.

Everest base camp!!

We are missing a couple daily recaps, but want to let you all know we arrived safely into base camp last night!!! Internet is a bit spotty due to the weather, but we will post lots of pics and updates as we descend!! Love you all! The Himalaydies (dev, Erin, hale and Jules)

Guide spotlight: Carole Tejas

Occupation: guide for alpine ascents! Hometown: New York, NY First time in Nepal?: Nope! 10th season Favorite trek: Trekking in Bhutan- traditional culture and beautiful mountains Favorite trail snack: Peanut butter and jelly Spirit animal: Cougar (fierce and elegant–and she has red hair!) Superstitions: Don’t like to climb without her amulets. Where your mind goes,…

The most dangerous airport in the world

And. we. nailed. it. There was a lot of hype for the short flight into Lukla, yesterday only one flight made it out due to weather and that’s not out of the ordinary. We were all a bit nervous about the weigh-in and flight, but all in all it went smoother than a greased whale…