Meet the Trekking Team!!

The next 3.5 weeks are going to be action packed with the members below! I figured it might be a great idea to take a couple of seconds out to introduce you to the group..don’t you worry trail names will be updated as we trek 🙂


285678_10150258277853399_4327642_n John “Life is Great” Carney

Age: 50

Twitter: @johnscarney

Facebook: John Carney


CEO of Carney, father of 5, 8 time Ironman, 5/7 summiter, and one of my favorite adventurers in crime (AIC? yep, just made that up). A fellow middle child, John and I have always been close and it wasn’t long before we started teaming up on our adventures. I asked him to do the NYC marathon my junior year of college, and he’s been convincing me to do every race since. 26.2, 70.3, 140.6… and what’s this distance? Infinity? Doesn’t really matter, time seems to fly by when you are chatting with this man! He check here is the reason we are all on this trip, and I couldn’t be more excited to climb with him to base camp and send him on his way to the check here TOP OF EVEREST!!! 



top article Mike “Dad” Carney

Age: 56

Twitter: @mtang64

Facebook: Michael Carney


Juggling two business, Behkne Inc and Mr. Handyman, isn’t an easy task for most… but with years of managing his 8 amazing children, Mike makes it look easy. It might have been years since this old eagle scout has been out camping, but he’s ready for the challenge! I’ve enjoyed the past few months of training with, and subsequently talking my dad’s ear off…. and although he’s been around for most of my endurance events it’ll be awesome to reach base camp together! Fingers crossed he catches the adventure bug and this is the first of many trips!



Mike MacNair



Facebook: Michael MacNair


I heard about Mike MacNair years before I met him….mostly in good contexts. Another successful entrepreneur and CEO of MacNair Travel, father of 3, husband to a lovely wife and all around go getter…. Mike spends his free time outside, training for yet another ironman or discussing just about anything under the sun while sipping on an adult beverage. No doubt he’ll be bringing the entertainment and energy as we climb up the tallest mountain in the world.


Nick PilosNick Pilos 



Facebook: Nick Pilos






Dever Carney


Twitter: @devcarney

Facebook: Dever Carney


UVA grad, VCU psych researcher, 2nd child to John and Leslie, and my AIC here in Virginia. While she might not have as many high peaks crossed off her dad, she’s no newbie to adventures. She checked out the North Pole with some adorable sled dogs last year, and has hiked all over the world (Peru and Spain–just to name a few).


IMG_0703Haley “little e” Carney 


Twitter: @haleygteng

Facebook: Haley Carney


I’m never shy to admit I’m obsessed with my little sister and she’s never shy to admit she loves living in Germany. We have 3.5 weeks to convince her to move closer to home…. ready, set, Go! I can’t really blame her though, she’s been working for Continental Tires for the past two years on everything from snow studded tires to sweet racing bike tires all over western Europe. She recently crushed her first half ironman in Portugal last year, and is chomping at the bit to do a full one (with Team Carney) in 2015!




1397374_10152170972916874_155745055_oJulia Carney


Twitter: @jmoneythe2nd

Facebook: Julia Carney


Julia, another middle child, is probably our most experienced trekking member. She packed her bags and solo hiked over half of the Appalachian Trail before she had to high tail it out to NM and run a back country camp at Philmont Scout Ranch. She transferred from SCAD to be closer to her Virginia roots and is currently studying at VCU (and living with Dever)!



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